DAZ 3D: why we gave our software away for free

CG Channel has an interview with the CEO and CSO of DAZ 3D on the reasons behind their offering of three of their software DAZ Studio 4 Pro, Bryce 7 Pro and Hexagon 2.5 (worth $800) for free until the end of February.


According to co-founder Dan Farr, now DAZ’s Chief Strategy Officer, a key factor was the desire to expand its user base. Although DAZ’s software is often labelled ‘for hobbyists only’, in fact, over 20% of its users are graphics professionals: a figure the developer aims to grow.

″We could have played things safer and continued selling into the same market, but we chose not to do that,″ Farr told CG Channel. ″We think that what we have to offer is of interest to the Photoshop and Corel [professional illustration] community.″

Professional 3D artists are another target market, according to company CEO Jim Thornton, who took over in the role from Farr last November. By making its software accessible to the Pixologic and Autodesk user communities, DAZ aims to foster the creation of high-quality assets for its online marketplace: the company’s primary source of revenue. ″Our focus is great content,″ he said.