Control Maya or 3ds Max by iPhone with CadRemote

Maide has released CadRemote, a new app enabling users to navigate 3D software via their iPhones.

CadRemote forms a sister product to Maide’s iPad app, recently updated and renamed CadControl.

Excerpt from Maide's blog:

The iPhone will connect to all the same programs the iPad would connect with (Solidworks, Sketchup, Maya, 3DS Max, and Rhino). You can now use the iPhone and iPod to navigate 3D models, pull renders, and sketch over top of the main screen. This is great when you're doing creative sessions with someone else, because you can draw on their screen. We've modelled the multi-control aspect of the app after a "pass the mic" system when multiple people are connected, so when someone is controlling the model, other people are blocked until he/she is finished.


Maide blog about CadRemote