Invisible CG effects

Computer Graphics World has an online exclusive interviewing the executive producers and compositing supervisor about the VFX work by Uncharted Territory in the feature film "Anonymous".

"As executive producer and VFX supervisor of Anonymous, you and your team produced this project with a modest budget and achieved a high-end finish. How was this achieved?

Marc Weigert: For everything we do, we try to think outside the box. For me, that is the most interesting part about this job. Try to find a simpler, better, more efficient way. In our collaboration with Eyeon, a lot of work that is traditionally done in 3D, we moved into compositing. When you work in 3D programs, the feedback loop is fairly slow. So Eyeon developed tools in Fusion for us that would allow us to shift more work into the compositing space, and thus get instant, or near instant, feedback. For example, we used 3D volumetric fog inside Fusion. Particle systems for snow, breath, chimney smoke, and so on. All immediately visible and adjustable in the composite."

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