FBX Viewer

ClockStone® FBX Viewer is a free* software tool to view numerous different 3D file types as used by Autodesk® 3ds Max, Maya, AutoCAD and others: FBX, 3DS, DXF, DAE (Collada), OBJ.

The viewer is based on ClockStone's DirectX 11 engine and supports a large number of advanced real-time features, such as rendering coloured soft shadows for any type of light source, applying post-process filters, etc.


Real time shadows:

  • Coloured / transparent shadows
  • Soft shadows
  • Anti-aliased shadows
  • Numerous shadow map implementations (PCF, VSM, ESM, EVSM, MEVSM, PCSS)

Post Render Effects

  • Depth-of-field with Bokeh
  • Bloom
  • Ambient occlusion

FBX Viewer