Cinesite recreates 18th century London in 3D for Pirates of the Caribbean

Computer Graphics World has an online exclusive on Cinesite's recreationg of 18th century London in 3D for Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.

"Cinesite, one of the world’s leading film visual effects houses, has completed more than 300 stereoscopic visual effects shots for Pirates of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. For their first full stereo 3D project, Cinesite were tasked with creating large-scale photorealistic 3D environments for a dramatic carriage chase through London."

"Starting inside St James’ Palace and progressing through three different exterior London environments, the carriage chase sequence was shot against three large bluescreens on location in Greenwich and comprises more than 200 back-to-back shots. Cinesite created complex 3D environments including full CG street builds with detailed period buildings, as well as set and background extensions. Atmospheric smoke, smog and fog were added to create an old London feel, and extras, shot in stereo against a bluescreen, were seamlessly composited to enhance the busy London street."

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