Preview: check out the new features in Smoke 2012

Key Features in Smoke 2012:

* All-in-one editorial finishing workflow

Proven creative tools and an efficient creative process combined in a single solution for finishing high quality content.

* Out-of-the-box S3D finishing

Includes tools for editing, viewing, monitoring and compositing S3D content.

* Workflow with Final Cut Pro® and Media Composer® on the Mac

Smoke fits into FCP and Media Composer workflows via AAF and XML import, and supports native media from H.264 from DSLRs to full-resolution R3D media.

* Platform accessibility for trial download NEW

Added graphic card support and support for a number of Mac laptops and iMacs. Smoke also has added support for the Kona 3G card as well as the Avid Artist series control surface

* UI enhancements NEW

A new Action Node Bin makes it easier than ever to get up and running on Smoke.

* Redesigned 3D lighting system in Action NEW

A brand new lighting system that includes cast shadows and ultra-realistic 3D lighting artifacts.

* Flame FX NEW

A comprehensive new set of creative and technical tools for common finishing tasks. Flame FX features Damage, Deform and Edge Detect creative tools as well as powerful technical tools such as Pixel Spread.