OptiTrack Demonstrates Desktop Motion Capture with new Tracking Systems at GDC 201

GDC 2011 marks the release of a new advancement in accessible motion capture: the OptiTrack V120:Duo and V120:Trio tracking systems.

Designed for desktop-friendly motion capture, the Duo and Trio offer the power of multi-camera, six degrees of freedom (DOF) object tracking in a single, plug-and-play package.

Additional Features

* Free license of Tracking Tools™ motion tracking software (a savings of $799)

* Compatibility with OptiTrack's Insight VCS virtual camera plugins

* Simple I/O, with a single cable for power and data transmission

* Stream (VRPN, trackd, NatNet) or save (.C3D, .CSV) motion capture data

* External sync in/out via the included I/O-X sync box, for compatibility with shutter glasses and other hardware devices

* Support for OEM integration via the Tracking Tools API