Imagineer Systems releases mocha Pro

Imagineer Systems releases mocha Pro. It includes the tools from award winning software, mocha and adds compositing tools for an all-in-one master VFX tool set.

Main features include:

-2.5D planar tracking

-AdjustTrack module

-64 bit optimized

-Improved user interface

-OGL accelerated matte rendering with motion blur

-X-spline and Bezier roto tools with per-point edge feathering

-Stabilize & smooth module with AutoFill render

-Open EXR Support

-Automatic object and rig removal module with optional clean plate inserts

-Lens distortion analysis with distort & undistort render function

-Offset & 3D offset surface composting & track export

-Mesh warper distortion tool

-Multi-pass rendering (render matte, fill, comp)

Mocha Pro