Screening Competition

And of course Siggraph is no Siggraph without very many, short, cute animation movies made by professionals and students. They had different catagories. I don't remember every winner, but there was one movie which is it worth to be mentioned because everytime when it was screened the whole cinema was laughing. That's one reason why this movie got the award for the best story. The movie is called "Our wonderful nature" and takes a close look to the water shrew. This movie is incredible funny. Please check on youtube. And again, it comes from Germany. It's a student's work of the "Hochschule fuer Film und Fernsehen (HFF) 'Konrad Wolf'" in Potsdam, close to Berlin. This University is one of the most famous in Germany for animation, especially for classical animation.

Another very successful movie was "Oktapodi", a love story of two very cute octopi who got seperated and try to get together again. This was made of French students of the "Gobelin, l'ecole de l'image". I saw some nice works of them.

Actually a I was a little disappointed about the "Filmakademie Baden-Wurtemberg" which is the most famous animation University of Germany. But this year I saw better animation of the HFF than of the other University. So I am curious about future time.