Future of Character Animation

This was the title of a talk at the Siggraph today. The speakers were six people which are coming from different kind of character animation: cell-animation, stop-motion, keyframe animation, motion capturing, flash and puppet capture.

I haven't heart of the last technique to capture motion. The puppet capture uses gloves as controler for facial capture in real-time. It works above others with Motionbuilder and Maya.

They didn't talk too much about future. The motion capture speaker (Kenn McDonald, who joined the production of "Beowulf" and "Matrix Reloaded") pointed out, that he wishes to get the actor out of the capture volume and especially mocap without markers. Both would make the movements more natural. And actually there are some new systems which can capture motion without using any markers. Also he pointed out that it is still very important for CG people to learn from the basics. If you work for animation, you have to have the knowledge of classical animation, too. Just because of the sense of timing and spacing and others.

And by the way... They used more than 200 cameras for capturing the motion on "Beowulf". Incredible!