Using Vicon V-file in Maya 2008

Part One of a series how to use Vicon V-file in Maya.

So far, you need to use Autodesk Motionbuilder for transfering motion capturing data on a model created with Maya. Because of speeding up the workflow we want to research if there is a easier way. During our research we discovered Vicon Peak's V-file format which is worth to have a closer look at. We will publish our research on


There is a plug-in called peelMocapTools for Maya 7.0, 8.0 and 8.5 (2008) available on which imports c3d files into Maya. This plug-in runs only on Windows Systems AND includes a bug where c3d files will come in flipped in the X axis. This bug should be fixed but there is still no newer version on Entry's date is 2006/10/08, so quite old. You can download version 1.1 on But the installing instruction says that this plug-in is for Maya 7.0 only.

We are now trying out to use this plug-in.

V-file format

The V-file cannot be read by Maya. You need a plug-in for V-files. Vicon Peak provides this plug-in but you have to contact them first which is now in process.

The V-file Format includes:

  • trail information
  • kinematic models, including skeleton data or bone segment hierarchy and marker placement
  • analogue data
  • motion, data in the form of joint angles and/ or marker positions
  • and other parameter

The document shows detailed information about the format.

If we have installed V File plug-in we will try out the instructions on following webpage:

So far our research. Please stay continued.