Making Jimi Hendrix

" The subject of my work in “Myths and legends” Challenge which that took place on polish CG vortal –, was “Jimmie Hendrix – legend of guitar”. I needed something simple because my friend that was my partner in such challenges couldn’t anticipate due to the lack of free time. I didn’t want to work alone, I prefer working in team (+ I have more time for myself ;) ). I started working on this piece rather late, I wanted to get it done on time so that was another reason why it’s so simple. My co-worker, Jarek, encouraged me to go alone, encouraged, encouraged and finally he convinced me. I just asked him to give me a subject. Day after my request Jarek gave me his idea of creating caricatural Jimmie Hendrix. I’ve fallen in love with this theme from the very beginning. So I began my work almost instantly from finding good references. (thx Jarek)[...]."

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