Million Dollar Laptop

"The latest piece of tech to join the "costs one million dollars" club could be the above laptop by UK Luxury firm Luvaglio if rumors are to be believed. There currently aren't any shots of the device in an open state, but there are a few pictures of what appear to be renderings of a piano finished laptop next to a slide-open box. As far as specs go, we're hearing that it'll have a self-cleaning 17-inch widescreen monitor with a special anti-reflective coating, a 128GB Solid State Disk Drive, and a slot loading Blu-ray drive, along with the obligatory diamond encrusted power button. Unless you sleep on a pile of notes then you don't really need to know when this beast will be available, and it looks like Luvaglio doesn't feel like notifying our poor asses either with its invitation only website. If you do have the kind of cash to spend on a portable computer that costs a cool million, then let us point you in the direction of the OLPC guys: we're sure if you were kind enough to donate 10,000 of the $100 machines they'd let you keep a couple for personal use."

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