Silo 2 Beta 8b For Download

"Hi Everyone,

Nothing to beware of this Ides of March except a Silo beta that hopefully runs smoother and crashes less! This one has a lot of fixes, so let's get started. In order of importance, please be sure you have read the following.

Disclaimer about BETA software (i.e. there are no guarantees about whether you'll be able to run this on your computer or not, or what it might do):[...]"

Log (non-comprehensive) of many relevant changes:

-fixed lots of crashing and stability issues

-improved rotate and universal manipulators

-fixed load and save viewport images with sia and sib

-fixed clearing viewport images on new scene etc.

-context help updates with last command

-mark texture seams works with mirroring

-area selection option for partially enclosed

-improved tweak with several maipulators

-mirai-style viewport manipulation is back

-xyz etc. constraints are fully working

-fixed disp. painting bug with symmetry

-much improved button editor

-lights can be properly rotated with the manipulator

-hotkeys for brushes don't take over all possible
combination for that key (so Ctrl S will still save while
painting even when the smooth brush is assigned to s,
for example)

-functions work with highlighting in multi-select mode

-scrolling when over a manip handle no longer selects
that handle

-extrude edges selects the resulting edges

-Silo remembers docked and un-docked window

-hotkeys for area/lasso/paint selection will toggle
between last used selection style

-surface snapping works on first mouse click as well
as when dragging

-mouse settings window doesn't open too wide

-shininess material property loads and saves with .sib

-hidden manipulator no longer selectable

-area select works in multi-select mode if you have a
component highlighted

-shape options open separately from tool options

-paste selects newly created copy

-scale manipulator bahves well on large models

When reporting bugs you find, especially crashing bugs, please do the following.

1) Try to repeat the bug - repeatable bugs are much easier for us to fix than non-repeatable ones

2) For crashing bugs, send us your model file (if you have one for a particular bug) as well as your silodata.sip file (from Silo's Preferences directory) to support at, along with a detailed description of how to reproduce the crash.

3) If you are getting lots of crashes, try moving/deleting your silodata.sip file so Silo starts without loading any of your settings. You can manually load in your settings from the same file from within Silo. If you find that helps, please email us your silodata.sip file that causes the crashing - this seems to be at the root of many crashing errors.

4) Try not to fill up the forum with non-descriptive messages like "Silo crashes on me", but instead try to always be specific about exactly what you were doing at the time, what your setup was (ie. did you have button pages showing, was the scene editor open, etc).

Where can I get this software of which you speak? Here. The PC version is an installer, the Mac version is the application directory (i.e. copy it into your applications folder or wherever you like to keep your applications). On the Mac, make sure you're logged in as an administrator when you run the program the first time.

Download For PC