Massive Black And Peter Konig Release Creature Sculpting DVD

"Peter Konig

Concept Artist, Animation Supervisor, Art Director, Animator, Sculptor, Designer

In this DVD Peter Konig brings his 20 years of industry experience to the table as he shares his techniques for creating creature sculptures. Working from orthographic views Peter walks the viewer through the entire sculptural process from building the armature all the way to adding the final touches of detail. Also included is a tour of the artist's studio and two mini-lessons focusing on different approaches to surface detail.

Ch. 1. Building the Armature

Ch. 2. The Block-In

Ch. 3. Initial Refinement

Ch. 4. Roughing in First Details

Ch. 4. Adding the Canopy Armature

Ch. 5. Further Refinement; The Face

Ch. 6. Brushing Out / Surface Details

Ch. 8. Final Touches [...]"