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About d'artiste: Character Modeling 2

d'artiste: Character Modeling 2 presents the techniques of leading character modelers Kevin Lanning, Zack Petroc, and Timur “Taron” Baysal. Each master artist showcases his approaches and techniques in modeling characters and creatures for film and game projects through expansive graphic tutorials. Kevin Lanning of Epic Games takes you behind the scenes of creating characters for the triple-platinum Xbox 360 game 'Gears of War' with tutorials on workflows for creating high-polygon and low-polygon characters.

Beyond the remarkable tutorials, we delve into the artist's past experiences to give greater insight into their personal and professional work and also the foundations of their success. An invited artist gallery provides the opportunity for the master artists to single out inspirational artists and commentate on the character work of the greater cg community.

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About the artists

Kevin Lanning started creating art at a very early age drawing and sculpting. He received a half-ride scholarship at the Art Institute of Dallas graduating with a Degree in Computer Animation. Thanks to online exposure Kevin received commission work including character art for several commercials. This led to his discovery by Epic Games where he was hired as a full-time artist to create art assets for their next-gen game technology Unreal Engine 3. For the past four years Kevin has been working as a Character and Creature Modeler at Epic Games. His most recent work can be seen in Epic’s blockbuster hit for the Xbox 360, ‘Gears of War’.

Zack Petroc has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Cleveland Institute of Art with a major in Sculpture and dual minor in Drawing and Digital Media. Additionally, he studied anatomy at Case School of Medicine and figure sculpture in Florence, Italy. Zack uses his strong design background as the foundation for both his traditional and digital work. Zack is currently working as a freelance Art Director and Concept Designer for feature film and games. He is also a member of the Art Director’s Guild Technology Committee and author of several training DVDs from The Gnomon Workshop.

Timur "Taron" Baysal started to work with computers at age 14 and taught himself modeling and rendering. He started his VFX career in the U.S. with Station X Studios in 1998. He then worked in several visual effects houses in the roles of animation director, head of R&D, lead animator, 3D animator and character animator among others. His feature film credits include: ‘Syriana’, ‘Reeker’, ‘The Dust Factory’, ‘Gothika’, ‘Spy Kids 2: Island of Lost Dreams’, ‘Impostor’, ‘Megiddo: The Omega Code 2’, ‘Dracula 2000’, ‘Battlefield Earth’ and ‘Dogma’. Looking for a change, Timur moved to the realm of developing 3D tools with pmG, creators of the rendering and animation environment messiah:Studio.

d'artiste Character Modeling 2 Limited Edition

Like all of our previous d'artiste titles, Character Modeling 2 is also available in a leather-bound Limited Edition. These editions come with an individually-numbered gold seal certificate of authenticity and are strictly limited to the first 200 customers. The Limited Editions also come with a set of four limited prints featuring the work of the featured artists.

Thanks to Kevin, Taron and Zack for helping to create a remarkable character modeling resource. Thanks also to all the artists who entered artwork for d'artiste Character Modeling 2. We hope you enjoy more of the world's best examples of character modeling!

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