The Structure Of Man 2 Preview Now Online!

"'The Structure of Man 2' - Preview is now online and we will be posting more videos soon. 'The Structure of Man 2 - Master Studies’ is an Advance Anatomy Training Course for Drawing The Human Figure from Your Mind and builds on top of 'The Structure of Man' (More info below). The Advance study course will be an extensive look at Surface Anatomy, Dynamic Poses, Figure in Perspective, Female Figure and more issues related to drawing the Human Figure .

The Structure of Man 1 - Critically Acclaimed by Award winning Artists from around the world ‘The Structure of Man‘ Is the largest Anatomy Training Course for learning How to Draw the Human Figure from your Mind. The study course spans 227 videos which is over 43 hours to give Artists a complete understanding of the Human Figure for creating Game Design , Illustrations, Animations, Comic Books, , Manga, Clay Modeling, Character Design, Fashion Design and all other areas of today’s Art fields. 'The Structure of Man' is used by Leading Entertainment Companies to give Industry Artists a crash course in understanding rapidly as a long term skill Human Anatomy. The first 19 videos will be appearing in ImagineFX Magazine issues 15,16,17,18.