NURBS Quadratic Surfaces 1.2.0

Plugin-scripts Package for 3ds Max.

That plugin-scripts package contains nine plugins for easy and flexible modeling of the quadratic surfaces (that could be presented by one equation).

Those quadratic surfaces are:

* Ellipsoid;

* Paraboloid;

* Hyperboloid;

* Double Hyperboloid (DH);

* Hyperbolic Paraboloid (HP);

* Cone;

* Elliptic Cylinder (EC);

* Parabolic Cylinder (PC);

* Hyperbolic Cylinder (HC).

Extracting the archive:

1. It is in ZIP format.

2. Extract the archive in a directory. For example: Click over it by the right mouse button and choose "Extract to NURBSQuadraticSurfaces_v1.2"

3. Enter this directory and read "readme_en" (in English) or "readme_bg" (in Bulgarian) for information and further instructions about the installation.

Quadratic surfaces have very important geometric (some of them known as optical) properties. These features are useful for design of real objects, processes and phenomenon. There are some techniques for their construction now, but they are very complicated and difficult for use (using intersection of a cone (to produce a spline) and then using rotation and translation to produce most of them). That is why the target of my tools-development is the representation of the quadratic surfaces making them useful for geometric modeling.

The most popular mathematical model in the graphics systems for representing and designing surfaces is NURBS. NURBS surfaces are parametric, which is a good advantage for computer realization.

[If you are interested in modeling with the quadratic curves as well, in the subsection 'Curves' you will find plugin scripts for representing arcs of ellipses, parabolas and hyperbolas by NURBS curves – NURBS Conical Arcs Plugin-scripts Package v1.4 for 3ds Max.]

NURBS ellipsiods

NURBS paraboloids

NURBS hyperboloid

NURBS Double Hyperboloid

NURBS Hyperbolic Paraboloid


NURBS Elliptic Cylinder

NURBS Parabolic Cylinder

NURBS Hyperbolic Cylinder


In the near future expect for the new version of those tools. It will provide also:

1. Documentation.

2. Parameterized mesh generation and form modification in the Modify panel will be allowed.

3. Adding UI controls for evaluations and information about the properties of the geometric objects.

4. The NURBS surfaces could be closed in the U and/or V directions.

5. Code optimization.

Call for feedback! I ask for your opinion of those plugin-scripts and their usefulness. That is very important to me because I am a PhD student and those plugins are a part of my dissertation. I need external opinion and recommendations of my work. Please, upload your opinion, comment or recommendation.

Download here

Thank you very much in advance!

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