Polygon and Sub-D Modeling in Maya

Begin modeling creatures and organic forms using time-saving modeling techniques with over 3.5 hours of project-based training. Perfect for beginner and intermediate users.

Popular highlights include:

Sample: Building the Teeth for the Upper Jaw

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* Image Plane Preparation

* Extruding along Curves

* Appending to Polygon Tool

* Sub-Division Hierarchy

* Duplicating along Curves

* Polygon Proxy Modeling

* Combining Multiple Polygon Objects

* Surface Conversion

* Mirroring

* Attaching

* Cleaning Geometry

The concepts, methods, and tools used for each process are presented in clear and easy to follow steps, specifically designed to save the user time and frustration throughout the user's workflow. The unique hands-on approach to learning Maya's robust system enables the user to better understand the fundamentals and up-to-the-minute techniques used to achieve greater organic realism. As "Polygon and Sub-D Modeling in Maya" provides users with in-depth Polygon and Sub-Division surface modeling techniques, users will also learn image plane preparation, extruding along curves, appending to Polygon Tool, Sub-Division Hierarchy, duplicating along curves, Polygon Proxy Modeling, combining multiple polygon objects, surface conversion, mirroring, attaching, and cleaning up geometry, and a number of additional tips and techniques for efficient modeling.


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