Maya 8 is released!

turlif 投稿 "Set for release in August 2006, English version. Key new features:

-- 64-bit support for Windows and Linux

-- Scalable multithreading to improve performance on multiprocessor


-- Ability to override viewports with a user-defined renderer, such as a

game engine

-- Optimized mental ray 3.5 core for superior rendering performance and

memory usage

-- Polygon Bridge and Transfer Polygon Attributes

-- Support for high dynamic range (HDR) and floating-point images

-- Support for interactive viewing of native and custom mental ray shaders

-- Improved Autodesk FBX plug-in to provide tighter integration between

Maya and applications such as 3ds Max and MotionBuilder

-- Interchangeable geometry cache between Maya and 3ds Max, allowing for

the exchange of complex data between the two packages

-- Export of render layers to Autodesk Toxik software's database