Microsoft funds 3D display technology

turlif 投稿 "Yet another article mentioning the possiblities of realizing the graphical interface from the movie Minority Report........Microsoft is funding a new company called EON Reality. EON's new product is Touchlight, which takes existing models and displyas them on a rear-projection screen. The display contains three video cameras positioned behind the screen, which track the movements of the user's hand. The user can interact with the model: they can spin the model, by moving their hands to the left or right, zoom into the model by moving their hands closer together or farther apart. Check out the demonstration.

Check out their other products presented at Siggraph this year: EON ICrystal, ("...a crystal clear sharp screen with no fuzziness at any angle. 3D Objects appear to float in mid air due to transparent glass screen...") and EON Artificial (..."you will experience glass free stereo images floating in the air with new high resolution screens.")."