How to create polygonfaces

Tutorial: How to create PolygonFace from 3D-Scan-Data using Geomagic Studio 8

Step 1) Select and delete unusable scandata

After open the raw scandata, select the unusable data (red marked) using different view and selection tools. Ctrl+G helps to select visible and hidden data in one step...

...and then delete.

Step 2) Polygonize point cloud

Use the Wrap operation to polygonize the point cloud. (Points menu > wrap)

Step 3) Delete vertices

Select delete vertices from the polygon menu...

...and apply.

Stefp 4) Smooth edges

Step 5) Reduce Polygons

Select Decimate from the Polygons menu.

You can decimate the model to reduce the number of triangles. In the Reduce to triangles field, enter 6000, and then click Apply. This will reduce the number of triangles in the model to 6000, while still maintaining excellent definition of small features and detail.

Step 6) Smooth polygons

From the Polygons menu, choose Relax. Hit Apply to start the smoothing.

Step 7) Export to other file formats

Export to .3ds, .obj. or whatever you need.

Time spending: 10 - 20 minutes


Kathrin Krimling 11/13/05