BusyRay is a new plug-in renderer for 3DS MAX

Guest 投稿 "BusyRay is a new physically based plug-in renderer for 3DS MAX. Version 1.0 is now out and is distributed for free. Next version is expected in the end of August 2004. For downloads: http://www.busyray.com/"

"3D Studio MAX global illumination plug-in renderer, design architecture and animation tool to render realistic accurate images of complex scenes. One button interface - no scene tuning is needed, no user training is required.

Its main features:

-accurate physically based simulations;

-deep integration with 3DS MAX makes it possible to support most of the effects;

-elaborate memory management allows to process even the most complex scenes;

-virtually no parameters to tune - renderer automatically adjusts to every scene;

-no scene tuning is needed - just render your old 3DS MAX scenes without changes.