FREEaddins 1.6 for VRMLpad

Guest 投稿 "A new version of the FREEaddin for VRMLpad is available. New in Version 1.6 are:

- fixes a bug in command '3dsMax Cleanup Alt+X'

- improved and modified command '3dsMax Cleanup Alt+X', leaving

unnecessary DEFs of Transform groups untouched for a better

Overview of the code (complete cleanup could be done using

command 'Optimize Code Alt+O'

- added command "DEF/ USE Report Ctrl+Shift+R"that shows the usage of

objects and their instances

- fixes some input bugs

- improved inserting of objects for easy undo (just one undo step

instead of many)

- added command delete material for creating a selfilluminated


Documentation about the FREEaddin for VRMLpad: