FreeAddins 1.4 for VRMLpad released

Guest 投稿 "Hello,

we have released the new version 1.4 of our FreeAddins for VRMLpad:

What's new in release 1.4?

Many enhancements and improvements, lot of new commands - read the release notes for details:


- If you have earlier FreeAddins installed, delete the following files:

default.bas; eprotoblx.bas; eprotocort.bas; extended.bas;

libfloppy.bas; primitives.bas; SAMPLE.BAS; shrinkcode.bas;


- copy alles files into the AddIns directory inside the VRMLpad

directory (C:ProgrammeParallelGraphicsvrmlpadaddins or

C:ProgrammeVrmlPadAddIns) and let overwrite any file that

prompt for



::Bart::VRMLsuck "