VRMLsuck :: VRMLsuite for Dreamweaver 1.20

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we updated our 'VRMLsuite for Dreamweaver' again. With that extension set for dreamweaver you can easily embed VRML into HTML or create interactions from HTML to VRML.

What's new in VRMLsuite for Dreamweaver 1.20:

- Bugfixed and improved Rendererhints for Cortona-object

and behavior 'Set Renderstyle'

- Improved Cortona-object supports renderer api parameter

- New behavior 'Set Toolbar' for Cortona

- Large improvement of the Blaxxun-object, nearly any option

of object- and embeded-tag were now supported with an

easy-to-use interface. Check it out it is amazing!

- New behavior 'Avatar Gesture' for Blaxxun Contact

- Added basic support for Octagon MPEG4/VRML-Obejct

- Added basic support for Octagon OpenWorlds-Object and Behaviors

- Added Octagon MPEG4/VRML, PiveronPlayer and OpenWorlds

to VRML97-object plugin list

- completed redesign of the objects, most of them now with link to

online help and fixing a lot of small bugs too

Documentation and screenshots:


Demo and Download: