New 3ds max plug-in: finalToon

Guest 投稿 "Tuesday, July 23, 2002 − San Antonio, Texas − Cebas Computer and Trinity Animation announce a new cel and illustration rendering engine for 3ds max called finalToon. A true 2D/3D tracing and rendering engine, finalToon can create human artist effects such as woodcut-style cross-hatching that have been elusive for software until now. In addition, all types of technical illustration and cel shading are also supported as well as flash export. finalToon actually traces features and perimeters of objects analytically, yielding perfect brush strokes and avoiding the segmented, disconnected effect created when tracing face by face. Dashed or thicker strokes will particularly suffer without an intelligent tracing engine. These outline strokes can also be controlled by distance or light, so for example a tracing stroke becomes thinner and more transparent at greater distances from the camera. Strokes may also be thicker around shadowed areas than in lit areas, or even a different color in shadow areas − a popular look for architectural illustration. "