VRMesh 3.5 Ships For Scan Data Processing

Feb 8th, 2007 - VirtualGrid is proud to announce the release of VRMesh v3.5, a free-form 3d mesh modeler for arbitrary triangle mesh creating and processing.It is a high-level and low-cost software tool, which gives you the power to wrap point clouds into high-quality meshes, repair STL files, add design on meshes, as well as do inspection and measurement.

VRMesh v3.5 introduces new functionality that is aimed to increase the performance of the complete reverse modeling workflow. New key features include:

* Global Registration: It does accurate registration in a few minutes on a regular PC..

* Inspection: It generates color-mapped objects to illustrate deviations, and allows users to export the information to Microsoft Word/Excel.

* Measurement: It measures and annotates the information of point, point-to-point distance, and angle between two rays with widget tools.

In short, VRMesh is a powerful, convenient tool that can be included with 3D scanners and RP systems for a broad range of applications, such as automotive, consumer products, medical and dental, education, etc.